Georgetown Planning

We’ve moved!!!  Please note our new address:  406 W. 8th Street   Georgetown, Texas  78626

All Pre-application Meetings and Planning Department Meetings will now be at the Historic Light and Water Works Building on the west side of downtown Georgetown.  This building was last used for the police department and was accessed from Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.  Our front door entrance will be on the east side of the building, accessed from the driveway that faces the Georgetown Public Library.  Economic Development is accessed from the west side of the building.  There is parking all around the building and a parking lot is being constructed across 8th Street, to be opened soon.

Our phone numbers and emails will remain the same: Main number 512-930-3575 or   Call us or email us if you have any questions.

We also have new hours for accepting applications.  Applications will be accepted 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Please share this information with your couriers.


The Planning Department helps guide the development process with the goal of ensuring quality land development for the future of Georgetown and preservation of the community’s unique historic and environmental features in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning Department assists policy makers, property owners, developers, and citizens in regard to growth and new development, protecting and improving existing development, and preserving the City’s historic heritage and character. We also provide information to the public regarding census and demographic information, population projections, and development trends and impacts. Click here to find maps for zoning, land use, future roads, etc.

Planning provides support to City Council, three citizen boards and various special task forces and committees. Information on each of these boards and future meetings and agendas can be found on this site.

For a complete overview and basic information about the City’s development process, see the new Developer Guide 3.4 This Guide is for people that are new to development in Georgetown, or for those that have been developing in and around the city and is a reference to the terms we use and the contact information for our city departments.  The online version has links to all the documents listed here, along with several other sites.  Call us to talk about your project.  Let’s Build it Together!