Site Plan


A Site Plan is a detailed site layout containing sufficient information to evaluate the land and architectural aspects of the proposed development. The purpose of a Site Plan is to ensure compliance with the Unified Development Code (UDC) and the compatibility of a development with neighboring development as well as access, landscaping, driveways, parking spaces, loading spaces, sidewalks etc. A Site Plan must be approved prior to any land disturbance and building permit applications.

When is a Site Plan Required?

A Site Plan is required within the city limits for all multi-family and non-residential development projects. Detached single-family and two-family developments on individual platted lots are exempt from this requirement but must obtain all other required building permits prior to construction. Revisions/amendments to an approved Site Plan are allowed, per the terms of Section 3.09 of the UDC.

What do I need for an Application?

Prior to making an application, a Pre-Application Conference is required. Please see the front desk or call 930-3575 to set up an appointment. Other requirements for an application include:

  • Fee:
  • Master Application Form*
  • Minimum Submittal Requirements*

* See the Development Manual for detailed information required by the checklist – online at

What is the Approval Process?

  • Timeline: 60 days (approximate) from the Application Deadline
  • Approval Authority: Director of Planning and Development

When does a Site Plan Expire?

A Site Plan will expire 24 months from the date of Director approval unless:

  • A building permit application has been submitted
  • A Certificate of Occupancy has been issued (if no building permit is required)
  • If the project is phased, building permits may be submitted in a series
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