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Stormwater Permit

A Stormwater Permit is an administrative permit intended to protect water quality and manage stormwater runoff generated by land development. The permit requires a drainage study by a licensed professional engineer showing drainage calculations before and after the proposed development or land disturbance. A required drainage plan indicates any necessary mitigation and/or construction requirements.

When is the permit required?
A Stormwater Permit is required for the following applications:

  • clearing vegetation/trees
  • grading
  • filling
  • excavating
  • stockpiling
  • grubbing

Note: within the city limits, approval of a Site Plan constitutes approval of a Stormwater Permit

What do I need for an application?
What is the approval process?
  • Intake:

Applications are processed on the specified submittal dates.

  • Completeness Review (4 days):

Applications are reviewed for completeness.

  • Technical Review:

After the completeness review process, the application will move to the Technical Review (1st Review). Staff comments are available for the applicant electronically through MyGovernmentOnline within 30 days.

Upon the clearing of all staff comments, cases will be subject to the review and decision-making authority outlined in Chapter 2 of the Unified Developmemt Code.

How do I submit an application?
When does a temporary use permit expire?
A Stormwater Permit expires 12 months after the date that the permit was issued.

Learn more about Water Quality Regulations and the City’s Water Quality Management Plan.

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