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Site Plan

A Site Plan is a detailed site layout containing sufficient information to evaluate the land and architectural aspects of the proposed development. The purpose of a Site Plan is to ensure compliance with the Unified Development Code (UDC) and the compatibility of a development with neighboring development as well as access, landscaping, driveways, parking spaces, loading spaces, sidewalks etc. A Site Plan must be approved prior to any land disturbance and building permit applications.

When is a Site Plan required?
A Site Plan is required within the city limits for all multi-family and non-residential development projects. Detached single-family and two-family developments on individual platted lots are exempt from this requirement but must obtain all other required building permits prior to construction. Revisions/amendments to an approved Site Plan are allowed, per the terms of Section 3.09 of the UDC.
What do I need for an application?
What is the approval process?
  • Intake:

Applications are processed on the specified submittal dates.

  • Completeness Review (4 days):

Applications are reviewed for completeness.

  • Technical Review:

After the completeness review process, the application will move to the Technical Review (1st Review). Staff comments are available for the applicant electronically through MyGovernmentOnline within 30 days.

Upon the clearing of all staff comments, cases will be subject to the review and decision-making authority outlined in Chapter 2 of the Unified Developmemt Code.

How do I submit an application?
  • Applications are only accepted and reviewed online through MyGovernmentOnline.
  • The Planning Department only accepts applications on certain submittal dates.
  • If you have questions about your project and would like to meet with staff before submitting an application, please schedule a Pre-Application meeting. 
When does a Site Plan expire?
A Site Plan will expire 24 months from the date of Director approval unless:
  • A building permit application has been submitted
  • A Certificate of Occupancy has been issued (if no building permit is required)
  • If the project is phased, building permits may be submitted in a series
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