Stormwater Permit

A Stormwater Permit is an administrative permit intended to protect water quality and manage stormwater runoff generated by land development. The permit requires a drainage study by a licensed professional engineer showing drainage calculations before and after the proposed development or land disturbance. A required drainage plan indicates any necessary mitigation and/or construction requirements.

When is the Permit Required?

A Stormwater Permit is required for the following applications:

  • clearing vegetation/trees
  • grading
  • filling
  • excavating
  • stockpiling
  • grubbing

Note: within the city limits, approval of a Site Plan constitutes approval of a Stormwater Permit


What do I need for an Application?

Prior to making an application, a Pre-Application Conference is required. Please see the front desk or call 930-3575 to set up an appointment. Other requirements for an application include:

*See the Development Manual for detailed information required by the checklist –

What is the Approval Process?

  • Timeline: 45 days (approximate) from the Application Deadline
  • Approval Authority: The City’s Drainage Engineer

A Stormwater Permit will be issued after the Drainage Engineer has determined that the development meets the defined Criteria for Approval, provided in Section 3.17 of the UDC.

When does a Temporary Use Permit expire?

A Stormwater Permit expires 12 months after the date that the permit was issued.