Special Use Permit

A Special Use Permit (SUP) is a permit issued by the City Council that allows the establishment of certain uses, in certain districts, that are considered worthy of additional scrutiny in their proposed location. Such uses typically require special review for design, location, and impact on surrounding properties. These uses may be subject to additional City Council conditions.

What is considered a “Special Use”?

A Special Use Permit is required for those uses specifically identified with an “S” in the Use Tables in Chapter 5 of the Unified Development Code. Examples of these uses include, but are not limited to, Bed and Breakfasts, Cemeteries, and Emergency Services (in Residential Districts) or Major Event Entertainment, Firing Ranges, and Wrecking Yards (in Commercial Districts). Some uses requiring the permit may be permissible in other districts without restriction, but require the SUP in districts where their impact calls for special consideration.

What do I need for an Application?

Prior to making an application, a Pre-Application Conference is required. Please see the front desk or call 930-3575 to set up an appointment. Other requirements for an application include:

  • Fee:  udc.georgetown.org/dev-manual
  • Master Application
  • And any other information required by the Special Use Permit Checklist*

* See the Development Manual for detailed information required by the checklist – udc.georgetown.org/dev-manual


What is the Approval Process?

  • Timeline: 90 days (approximate) from the Application Deadline
  • Approval Authority: City Council
  • Public Hearings: There are two public hearings required, one at Planning and Zoning and one at City Council.

When does a Special Use Permit Expire?

An SUP continues with the property, regardless of ownership, unless the use is discontinued for 12 months. A Special Use Permit expires 12 months following City Council approval unless:

  • A building permit application has been submitted; or
  • A Certificate of Occupancy has been issued (if no building permit is required)