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Welcome! MyPermitNow is the City’s new project tracking software that is designed to streamline submittal and review of development plans and permits. This web-based system is currently active for all applications through the Planning Department and all permits and inspections through the Inspections Services Department.

What is MyPermitNow?

MyPermitNow will allow those seeking building and development-related approvals to track the progress of their submittal from application to approval to inspection. Features include digital submission, digital review of staff comments, online information about a pending application, and scheduling of inspections. Future phase-ins will include online payment and submittal of documentation. All building permits and development applications must now be submitted in digital format as we are (almost) paperless – see below for digital submission information. Please contact your planner/project manager or the Planning front desk at 930-3575 if you have questions as to what this will mean for your project. We will be working diligently to help you understand this new system. Click here to be sent directly to the MyPermitNow website.

Digital Data Submission Requirements

The MyPermitNow system is a paperless system.  As such, all application submittals will be required to be made in an electronic format, unless otherwise noted on the application checklist or by the planner.

Data requirements:

  • All items will be submitted in pdf format (300 dpi resolution, no digital signatures or passwords) unless otherwise noted.  Media submitted (CD/DVD or Flash drive) will not be returned.
  • Files must be labeled on the disc or drive as it appears on the checklist with all information within the same file.

For example: for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment application, three files must be on the media – Application Information, Completed Utility Evaluation and Graphical Proposal.  The Application Information must include the Master Application form, Pre-Application form, completed checklist, field notes and letter of intent, all within the same pdf file.

  • Discs or drives must be clearly labeled with the project name on the outside of the media.

Instructional Worksheets and How-to Videos

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