Letter of Regulatory Compliance

There are two Letters of Regulatory Compliance available from the Planning office.

A Zoning Verification Letter is a letter provided by the Planning Department that indicates to a property owner that a specified use, clearly identified in the application, is permitted within the Zoning District. A Zoning Verification Letter does not authorize the property owner to proceed with a development nor does it include a determination that a tract of land may be developed.  This document is provided by the City to confirm the zoning designation of a property, when that zoning was assigned, and list any special zoning overlays applicable to that property. If requested, the letter can indicate whether one particular use is allowed by the assigned zoning district. Please note a Zoning Verification Letter does not verify conformance or nonconformance of existing structures or uses on site, compliance with parking regulations, issuance of Certificate of Occupancy, or existence of code enforcement violations.

Plat Certification Letter  is a document provided by the City acknowledging whether a plat is required for the tract of land or proposed division of land, or whether an exemption to platting under the UDC applies. A legal or lawful division of land is one that was done in compliance with, or prior to, applicable subdivision regulations. A parcel boundary used for property taxation or conveyed by deed to transfer ownership or title is not necessarily indicative of a lawfully created division of land. The Plat Certification process does not make claims as to ownership, title or boundary locations.

When is a Letter of Regulatory Compliance Required?

A Zoning Verification Letter may be obtained for any lot or tract of land within the city limits and is not required for any City process. It is offered for informational purposes only.

A Plat Certification Letter may be obtained for any lot or tract of land within the city limits and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). This letter may be required prior to the City’s acceptance of other development applications.

What do I need for an Application?

An application for a Zoning Verification Letter requires:

An application for a Plat Certification Letter requires:

  • Fee: Please see Planning’s Application Fee Schedule
  • Plat Certification Request Form
  • A map clearly identifying the property
  • Copies of Deeds establishing the configuration of the lot as of May 10, 1977

What is the Approval Process?

  • Timeline: 20 working days from receipt of a complete application
  • Issuing Authority: Planning and Development Department