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How to Make an Application

Welcome! This page will help you learn more about the Georgetown development and application process. The Planning Department has prepared a Development Manual as a guide to provide you with the materials necessary for your submittal in one easy-to-reference package.

The Development Manual consists of application submittal requirements for all procedures described within the Unified Development Code (UDC), which is the primary development code for zoning, subdivision, signage, etc. The submittal requirements in the manual are designed so City staff may effectively review an application and the decision-making authority may render an informed decision. It contains all applications, forms and checklists that may be required to start the process in addition to helpful information such as fee schedules, submittal deadlines and review timelines. Please keep in mind, however, that there are other regulations/publications in addition to the UDC and this manual that may need to be referenced while preparing your application. These include, but are not limited to, the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, the Construction Specifications and Standards Manual, the Drainage Criteria Manual, the Downtown Design Guidelines, and the Downtown Master Plan.

To make a development application, you will first need to schedule a Pre-Application Conference. A Pre-application Conference is generally required for all planning applications, unless otherwise specified. If you just want to meet with a planner or other staff member for information, you can call the Planning Department main number, 930-3575, or search the staff directory list for someone specific to assist you.

Pre-Application Conference

The first step in the process, prior to the submission of an application, is a Pre-application Conference between the applicant and City staff. Pre-application meetings are scheduled twice a week by request and basic information about your intentions are needed ahead of time. To fill out a request for a Pre-Application Conference, click here to be taken to the Development Manual page. The Pre-application request form helps staff determine of what type of development you propose and is the basis for staff’s preparation for the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to assist the applicant in assembling a complete application and help identify any issues requiring special attention or revision. Staff will explain which codes and ordinances may be applicable to your proposed project, provide you with pertinent documentation including checklists and timing information, and answer any questions you might have. Staff will provide comments based on the information known to them at that time, but cannot guarantee approval of any development permit or application, even if otherwise indicated at the meeting. Pre-application Conferences may be combined when an applicant will be making simultaneous applications for the same project. Once the Pre-application Conference is complete, you will have up to 90 days from the date of the meeting to submit an application or a new Pre-application Conference will be required.

Submitting an Application

The City of Georgetown utilizes a single Master Application Form for all development types processed by the Department. We have prepared application checklists in the Development Manual to accompany each application type to ensure complete and accurate submittals, resulting in fewer delays and a more timely review of your application. The items on each checklist are organized by “Items Required for Submittal” and “Detailed Information.” The “Items Required for Submittal” are those items that are immediately required at time of submittal for the application to be accepted for processing. “Detailed Information” is meant to be a guide to help you meet the requirements. It is generally what is needed for review of the particular application type and is not necessarily all-inclusive. Note the digital submission materials needed to review under MyPermitNow.

Applications are not ready for review until the application has been deemed to be complete. A complete application is one that has been determined to include everything necessary for review, based on the requirements of the application’s checklist. If your application is determined to be incomplete, you will be notified in writing of the missing or incomplete items and the deadline for resubmitting the deficient items to the Department (no more than five (5) working days). If the items are not submitted by the deadline, the application will be rejected and a new application and fee will be required.

All applications must be delivered to the Department and may be submitted at anytime during the month. The “Application Deadline” listed in the Application Review Calendars represents the last day an application may be submitted in order to be eligible for public review and consideration according to the listed dates. All required fees, as outlined in the Application Fee Schedule, shall be made payable to “The City of Georgetown” and submitted with the application. Please note that all fees are non-refundable except as otherwise indicated in the UDC.

Staff Review and Revisions

Once your application is determined to be complete, the application will be reviewed by certain City staff. For most applications types, a staff comment letter will be generated  listing any revisions that may be required and resubmittal of the plans may be necessary for the next staff review. When materials are resubmitted to the City, an Application Resubmittal Form and all requirements therein must be included with the package. If additional submittals are required after the third submission, or if more than 45 days have passed since issuance of staff comments, a $250 fee per submission will be charged. If the permit type is under administrative approval, it will not require consideration at a public meeting. Otherwise, the public process will begin.

The Public Process

Following staff review and comments, there is a resubmittal deadline for those application types that require action from a board, commission or City Council. This is the last date that will allow for staff review and public notification prior to the board or commission’s staff report preparation. The deadline for each project will be noted on the staff comment letter and may vary based on the review body, although it is generally three (3) to four (4) weeks prior to the meeting date. An application will not automatically be scheduled for the next available meeting if it is not ready for consideration. Additional public notification fees may be required in the event a project that has been scheduled and publicized for a meeting must be pulled from that meeting’s agenda.

Following Approval

Once approved by the appropriate authority, you may have additional steps to complete the process, depending on the application type. Some applications, such as Final Plats, require submittal of a physical copy of the plat for approval signatures of staff or City officials prior to recordation with the County Clerk. This signature process is generally completed within one (1) work week. In these instances, the applicant will be required to provide recordation fees as well as any additional documentation the County may require. The requirements for finalizing your particular application will be provided by your staff reviewer.