Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan guides the long-range development of the community. The plan amendment process is established to provide flexibility in response to changing circumstances and to accommodate changes meeting the plan’s intent and principles. Amendments are made once a year at the Annual Update, except for rare circumstances (with a super-majority vote).

When is a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Required?

A Comprehensive Plan Amendment is required when an application for another permit or action required by the Unified Development Code is inconsistent with the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. Such a conflict often occurs in a proposed rezoning of a property where the proposed zoning district is not appropriate in the land use category planned for the site or area.

There are two types of Comprehensive Plan Amendments:

  • Land Use Plan Amendment
    • A change in the land use designation for a single site or a larger area
  • Transportation Plan Amendment
    • A change to the alignment or classification of a thoroughfare designated on the Overall Transportation Map

What do I need for an Application?

Prior to making an application, a Pre-Application Conference is required. Please see the front desk or call 930-3575 to set up an appointment. Other requirements for an application include:

* See the Development Manual for detailed information required by the checklist – online at

What is the Approval Process?

  • Timeline: 120 days (approximate) from the Application Deadline
  • Approval Authority: City Council

There are two public hearings, one at Planning and Zoning and one at City Council. There are two readings of an Ordinance adopting an amendment. Applications can be made anytime of the year; the Annual Update application cycle typically occurs from November to January.